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Weddings | I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services

Weddings are a celebration of two people spending the rest of their lives together. It’s a day when family members and friends from both...

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Parties | I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services

There are many reasons to have parties. Birthdays, family reunions, graduations, and engagements are all good reasons to have a party. Parties are a...

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Special Events

Special Events | I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services

I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services in Westminster, MD, is known throughout the community for providing DJ and karaoke services....

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Transforming your wedding dreams into reality is our specialty.

Welcome to I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services

I am a local DJ that has a lot of experience. I have been a certified music teacher in the Carroll County public school system for over 23 years which means that I have had a background check. That is a plus for you because you are assured that I am a safe person to have around your family and friends. I have a BS and MS in music education. I know music, how to relate to a crowd and how to have fun. I am not the type of DJ that just sits behind the table.

I make sure that the event is running the way we planned. I look after everything. I am an excellent multi-tasker. I will make sure everything runs the way it is supposed to while playing an awesome mix of music.

Of course, I have the latest music of all genres as well as oldies. I have an enormous collection of music perfect for on the spot requests.

Everyone loves to have a good time. No matter what the age group is, I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services is geared towards entertaining the community of Westminster, MD. We specialize in providing DJ and karaoke services to any size gathering, party, or special event.

I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services provides over-the-top entertainment. We are able to adapt to any style or themed party. We have music for all ages, including sing-a-longs for children. We play all styles of music. From country and bluegrass to jazz, rap, and hip-hop, there is a variety of popular music from all genres. When planning your get-together, you can choose your style of music, or we can assist you.

I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services, we provide props to enliven your guests – like a fog machine, dance lighting, and bubble machines for added illusions. We are able to get your party started and your guests in the mood to celebrate.

Party karaoke is one way to have your friends and family join in on the fun. It’s one way for everyone to relax and get to know each other. With or without a few drinks, singing karaoke style is a ton of fun. Whether you have a singing voice or not, try it out and let the guests be the judge. Karaoke is one way to get everyone involved.

Anytime you are planning a birthday, family reunion, holiday party, wedding, or just a good, old-fashioned get-together, consult with I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services. We will ensure you and your guests have a good time. Don’t have a typical party with guests standing around wondering what time it is. In fact, we will have your guest forgetting what time it is because they will be dancing or singing!

Get on board, and consult our entertainment planner now!

Here are some reasons that choosing I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services as your DJ will ensure that you make the best choice:

1. Background checked and safe
2. Worked with WTTR radio for 10+ years( experienced DJ)
3. In the DJ business for 16+ years
4. Has one DJ/owner- you are guaranteed to get me as your host.
5. No charge for dance lighting, fog machine, bubble machine, wireless mics, LCD projector for computer presentations, planning assistance, and an in-person planning session.
6. I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services has the three E's: Experience, Education, and Entertaining
7. MD certified music teacher: I know music inside and out!
8. Can provide great referrals.
9. I make sure your entire reception is running the way it is planned to. (I don't know of any DJ's that do this for free so ask them)
10. Fully insured (not many DJ's are)
11. Accepts credit cards. This helps with planning a budget!
12. I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services just became the exclusive DJ for the Snyder's-Lance Snack Corporation in PA.
13. I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services was recently the BB&T business of the week!

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