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I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services in Westminster, MD, is known throughout the community for providing DJ and karaoke services for special events. We add flare to otherwise normal and typical gatherings. When there is a crowd, we are usually there!

We understand how to entertain at special events. We have provided entertainment at special events like:

• Bridal shows
• School dances
• Fundraisers
• Grand openings
• Corporate events

I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services provides a DJ to play any style of music. We coordinate with the event planner to decide on when music will be played and the type of music. The music played will depend on the ages of the crowd. We provide a mixture of music in all genres to please everyone in attendance.

If food is being served, and no one is engaging in conversation, light music is typically played. I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services is able to observe crowds. A special event DJ will help the event planner keep the guests entertained. If folks are standing around and looking bored, we might ask everyone to join in a line dancing routine. These types of behaviors with the guests in attendance will be discussed with the event planner prior to the special events.

I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services specializes in fundraising special events. We enjoy helping you raise money for a special cause. We will also assist in the marketing for any fundraising special events. We always have a big turn out when we are involved in special events projects.

I.M.Entertainment Wedding and DJ Services has state-of-the-art equipment and a digital sound system that everyone will hear clearly. Make announcements, give speeches – it doesn’t matter how far away people are. Have them hearing without distractions and background noises.

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